How to Create a Custom Login Route in WordPress

Anytime you want to login to your WordPress dashboard, you are typically typing in or something similar.

For us admin folks and those who use the dashboard on a regular basis, that is not a problem. However, if you want to build a site on WordPress but never want folks to actually see the default login screen, I’ve whipped up some quick code that will force all login requests to go through a custom login route of your choosing.

You can simply drop this code into your theme’s functions.php file, and change the route to one of your choosing. … [continue reading]

Introducing the TGM Batch Updates Plugin for WordPress

It is my pleasure to introduce to you an incredibly useful batch and bulk updating utility plugin for WordPress – TGM Batch Updates.

The TGM Batch Updates plugin is a batch and bulk updating utility for WordPress that allows you to update massive datasets with relative ease. It was built to allow you to quickly build batch queries and process massive amounts of data with the click of a button.

Click here to view the plugin on Github

As you may or may not know, I use Easy Digital Downloads with the EDD Software Licensing extension for all of my … [continue reading]

How to Use the New WordPress 4.0 Plugin Update Modal Window

WordPress 4.0 came out with a shiny new update modal window UI, but we need some tweaking in order to make use of it in our WordPress plugins and themes.

Austin Passy (the guy behind asked about this on Twitter about a week ago, so I decided to tackle this for fun.

Anyone using the new WordPress AJAX popups as seen in install new plugins or get info? Any docs on it or examples? #WordPress

— Austin ☃ Passy (@TheFrosty) October 7, 2014

The new UI for the update modal window is pretty slick, but without some extra … [continue reading]

WordPress Performance Outside of the Box: Handling and Retrieving Data

This is more of an experimental type of approach to performance in regards to storing and retrieving data. The results are absolutely astounding, and the process is definitely worth considering if your project meets the criterium.

I was discussing data storage with Jared Atchison last week, and at some point in the conversation, this idea that I will present to you today came up. I think you will enjoy the read, and I hope it will make you think outside of the box for ways to improve performance in WordPress.

For the majority of WordPress plugin and theme authors, we … [continue reading]

OptinMonster 2.0

OptinMonster - Option 2

I am incredibly excited to announce that after many, many long months of development and testing, OptinMonster 2.0 has finally been released to the public (click here to for official announcement post)!

OptinMonster started out as the classic MVP (minimum viable product). It scratched an itch that we had internally, and we knew that it had potential as a product with the incredible conversion rates that we saw with exit intent technology. Although we originally planned to do this as a SaaS solution, we nixed that idea late in the original release cycle because neither Syed or myself were … [continue reading]

Effectiveness and Efficiency

I’ve recently been reading through an incredible book, What’s Best Next, that gives a gospel centered approach on the Christian view of work and productivity.

One of the ideas that Matt promotes early on in the book is the idea that effectiveness efficiency. I couldn’t agree more.

To explain his point, he gives a comical story of him going to handle an insurance claim for a house fire. In the story, he goes to the house to find a man quite surprised to see him there. After he tells him why he has come to his house, the man … [continue reading]