Soliloquy for WordPress Has Launched!

I’ve been grueling over this plugin for about 5 months now, and the time has finally come to launch the plugin out into the world. Say hello to the best responsive WordPress slider plugin: Soliloquy.

Soliloquy was birthed out of countless hours of frustration when trying to deal with other slider plugins for WordPress. As I would hunt for an easy to use slider plugin for client projects, I kept having to revert to making my own custom slider plugins because the others simply didn’t cut it. Either the code was horrendous, the UI unfriendly, or they just plain didn’t work half the time as expected.

As I began surveying how I could remedy this situation, a thought occurred to me: “I wonder if other people share the same frustration as me”. You hear all the time that when a new slider plugin comes out, people say “Oh great, another slider plugin..” That type of attitude is symptomatic of a pandemic of bad slider plugins. 

Just think – when a new contact form plugin is created, nobody says “Oh great, another contact form plugin..”. Why? Because there are great contact form plugins like Gravity Forms that alleviate this symptom of thought. The same goes for SEO (Yoast), performance (W3TC), backups (BackupBuddy) and the list could go on. The type of thinking simply shifts from “Oh great, another X type of plugin..” to “Why do we need another X type of plugin?”. You see the difference? The former is out of frustration – the latter is out of perplexity.

My hope is that Soliloquy will change this way of thinking.

I’ve not been this excited about something that I’ve created in a long time. The reason why I am so excited? It’s going to be a game changer. The possibilities with Soliloquy are endless, and I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg.


I won’t go into much detail here about the features of Soliloquy (since you can view them from the actual Soliloquy site), but I will tell you that Soliloquy is incredibly efficient and resourceful. Soliloquy keeps everything to itself and doesn’t creep beyond it’s post type boundaries. It only loads what it needs when it needs it, and follows WordPress coding standards to the T. Its data security is absolutely the best of its class (the code is audited by Mark Jaquith) and it can be customized with a seemingly endless selection of hooks and filters.

But I think the best part about the plugin is the response from the WordPress community itself. I’ve not heard one negative thing yet about the plugin, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive, exciting and encouraging. People are finally beginning to get their slider plugin thirst quenched, and to watch that happen is a wonderful feeling.

Final Thoughts

Like I said earlier, Soliloquy is going to be a game changer. I’d love to hear your thoughts and responses on Soliloquy in the comments below! But before you do that, check out the best responsive WordPress slider plugin for yourself. :-)

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  • Jonny Rowntree

    This is going straight on my “things to buy” list. It looks awesome and its so affordable. I’ll certainly be using this on Lemon & Lime.

    Good job!
    Jonny, Lemon & Lime.

    • Thomas Griffin

      That sounds great Jonny! I look forward to seeing how you will use it on your site. :-)

  • Pippin

    I can’t wait to give this a real try on a real site. You’ve done such a great job on this one, and I know that for sure as I’ve explored the code in depth.

    I wish I could say that I wasn’t one of those that has contributed a *bad* slider plugin, but that wouldn’t be true. Let’s just hope that yours takes over everything so I never have to live with the shame of someone using mine again ;)

    • Thomas Griffin

      Thanks for the compliments Pippin – they mean a lot. :-)

      As long as I am surrounded by great devs like yourself and others and that you guys keep me honest, Soliloquy will stay solid. :-) I hope that it takes over everything too! :-D