About Thomas Griffin
Me and my beautiful wife, Laura.

Hi! My name is Thomas Griffin, and I am a 26-year old entrepreneur from the great city of Charlotte, NC. I am happily married to my gorgeous wife Laura (above) and have 2 wonderful dogs, Copper and Emie. I have been blessed with the gift of running my own business, building cool brands and making those brands known to millions of people. I love what I do and consider it a blessing to do it every day.

My Mission Statement

n. mission – to serve, honor and enjoy Jesus while furthering His kingdom and mission in this world by doing everything I do with excellence.

In everything that I pursue, I pursue it with excellence to the glory of Christ. From the conversations that I have to the code that I write to the products that I sell, I am all about bringing excellence to the table so that Jesus may be honored and glorified in my life and work.