Envira Gallery: Taking Galleries to the Next Level

I am extremely happy to announce that my latest product, the best responsive WordPress gallery plugin Envira Gallery, has been pushed live.

I have been working hard on the next version of Soliloquy, and Envira Gallery was birthed out of that process. Because the interface and data structure surrounding a slider and a gallery is nearly identical, it made sense to create both so that they can share efficiencies and commonalities together. When a bug is fixed on one, it is necessarily fixed in the other. This gives an unprecedented ability to add value to customers because you can receive solutions from people using a completely different product for a different reason. I like that type of ecosystem.

The quality of Envira speaks for itself. I’ve learned so much over the past two years of selling Soliloquy, so a Envira incorporates all those hard knock lessons into a solution that is both rock solid and flexible at the same time.

So more about Envira. There are a lot of pain points around using galleries in WordPress. Amongst those pain points is speed and performance. I am kind of a performance nut, so I took every measure possible to make sure Envira is fast. And boy is it fast. In my results using the P3 Profiler, it is 30 times faster than NextGen gallery on the admin side. It is probably even faster on the front end side because it implements super fast transient caching by default. Because of the intelligent caching that Envira uses, your galleries load incredibly quickly, especially if you take advantage of any sort of server side caching like APC or Memcached.

On the front-end, Envira takes advantage of dynamic asynchronous Ajax preloading to make your pages load lightening fast, even if you have a ton of images on your page. On top of this, you can even enable mobile cropping to deliver mobile specific assets to further reduce page load time for mobile visitors.

Queries are very optimized for speed, and every public method to retrieve galleries is automatically cached as well, so that you literally cannot mess up the speed and performance of displaying your galleries.

Speed is not the only thing that makes Envira so unique. The workflow process of Envira is very pleasant. It is super easy to get up and running with Envira, and you are not limited in your workflow of using it. This is done by something I call independent and dependent galleries. Both are available in Envira. Independent galleries are galleries created within the dedicated Envira post type. They can be used anywhere and everywhere throughout your site and in Widgets. Dependent galleries are created right within the post work via a metabox. These galleries can also be used everywhere, but they are most intended to be used with the post it is created for. This removes unnecessary steps in creating galleries that are going to be attached to posts anyways.

Beyond this, I have learned a lot in the way of extending plugins in my years with Soliloquy. Envira is incredibly easy to extend with its bountiful hooks and filters. You can easily create your own Addons to customize nearly everything about Envira.

On the technical, selling side of Envira, I have spent a bunch of time working with a service called Customer.io to make my marketing automation very easy. Because I am just one guy, I need to be doing everything I can to reduce the amount of admin overhead so I can focus on building and supporting my products. Envira has so many efficiencies on the management side that it takes me literally half the time to do things that it does with Soliloquy. I look forward to implementing these things with Soliloquy next when Soliloquy v2 is launched next month. :-)

I encourage you to check out Envira Gallery. I expect great things in the weeks and months to come!

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  • http://nagoya-info.com/ Nagoya-info Robert

    Really looking forward to this Thomas. I used next gen but the weight made it a no goer in the end. Light, fast, solid, intuitive – these qualities define soliloquy and will surely define Envira too!

  • http://about.me/umaradil Umar Adil

    Really Cool and Fast, Thanks Thomas. Can we add small description below each gallery image?