How to Remove Metaboxes from Genesis Theme and SEO Settings Pages

In this tutorial, I’m going to give you a super easy way to remove metaboxes from the Genesis Theme and SEO Settings pages.

Just take the code below and comment out (place // before the remove_meta_box line) the metaboxes that you want to keep. This code would go in your child theme’s functions.php file.

This code is meant to be used in Genesis 1.8.0 or greater. Enjoy!

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  • Otobong Colby

    Thank you. I hope removing this won’t affect my sitemap and seo meta datas?

    • griffinjt

      It won’t affect any of that. If you have been using it, it simply won’t appear any longer, but the data will still be available.

  • Hugo Callens

    Is it also possible to hide the theme SEO and Layout metaboxes below the post editor for non-admins? How could I do that?

    • João Paulo Alexandre

      I’m also looking for this. It’s confusing for the regular user to see all meta boxes when writing or editing a post below the post box, but as as the admin I’d still like to see them. Note that me and Hugo are not talking about Genesis theme settings, but the boxes on posts, like “Layout Settings”, etc.

      • Edmund Edmonds

        It’s probably too late for either of you, but here is how I solved this problem with the layout box:

        remove_meta_box( ‘genesis_inpost_layout_box’, ‘post’, ‘normal’ );

        It turns out that the first argument in the remove_meta_box function can be inferred by looking at the id for the div that contains the metabox. Just open Chrome Dev Tools or Firebug, find the metabox on the page. Look for the div with the class “postbox”. The id of that box is what the first argument should be.